Aug 15, 2019

Cyber News: The Low-Down On Superbalist’s Most Recent Phishing Scam

Popular online fashion retailer, Superbalist was subject to criticism after some of its customers became victims to a phishing attack carried out by an unknown third-party […]
Aug 13, 2019

How your IAM can pave the way for successful Single-Sign-On implementation

Frameworks used for identity and access management include single sign-on applications, multi-factor authentication and privileged access management (PAM).  These tools provide the capabilities to safeguard identity and profile information, as […]
Aug 8, 2019

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Multi-Factor Authentication

Your company’s biggest cybersecurity threat?  Your employees.  They account for approximately 50% of breaches to date. It’s, therefore, important to note that adding complex verification processes […]
Aug 6, 2019

How you can prevent cyber threats today

Cyber threats have become a daily struggle for businesses. Recent trends have revealed a significant increase in breached and hacked information from sources that are gradually […]
Aug 2, 2019

The low down on cyber attacks and how it can impact your business

The recent rise of cyber attacks has become a great concern for everybody across the globe.  In South Africa, global cybersecurity company, Kaspersky Lab reported that […]
Jul 31, 2019

Security vs. compliance. Why it has to be both

The rise of digital transformation has meant that audit and regulatory compliances are a constant battleground for many security professionals.  Perhaps the question then is, are […]
Jul 29, 2019

Your people are your strongest cybersecurity asset! Here’s why:

Every organisation is packed with assets, from their premises to their information and data.   Identifying which assets are vital is important in gaining your competitive advantage, […]
Jul 25, 2019

Seven ways to make your digital identity strategy effective

Over the years digital identities have gone mainstream. This is due to the increasing number of data breaches experienced by companies the world over.  These breaches […]
Jul 23, 2019

3 Things holding your company’s identity authentication back

Identity authentication and management are vital elements in your business operation. It has the ability to not only influence your bottom line but also affect how […]