Evaluating vendors, along with the pros and cons of their solutions, is challenging without deep industry expertise and real-world feedback. Vendors are trained to position their solutions advantageously, making it difficult for a customer to identify or consider solution deficiencies or quantify the level of investment involved in customization versus configuration.

Cyber Sentinel’s Vendor Selection advisory services offering helps you evaluate vendors efficiently and accurately, with your specific situation and business objectives as the primary determinants. Based on our hands-on experience in implementing IAM solutions for comparable use cases and requirements, Cyber Sentinel’s team can provide a clear-eyed view of the strengths and weaknesses of IAM products and help determine where budgets are best spent.

By taking advantage of Cyber Sentinel’s Vendor Selection Advisory, you will be guided through the evaluation cycle including vendor recommendations and coordination of meetings, agendas, and evaluation criteria to accelerate vendor selection making decisions.


  • Gain the perspective from ten plus years of implementation experience on hidden costs and implementation hurdles.
  • Consult with in-house pre-sales resources that can deliver solution overviews and provide guidance on where concerns might lie.
  • Leverage existing Cyber Sentinel relationships with the best-of-breed IAM sales teams to better align evaluations with budget and business requirements.
  • Receive assistance with software license negotiations.