In order to effectively deliver critical functionality like user on-boarding, single sign on (SSO), access management and provisioning, the identity and access management infrastructure needs to be seamlessly integrated into target application and systems. In turn, to ensure that identity and access management processes themselves are functioning efficiently, the components of the IAM infrastructure should work together without manual intervention. Unfortunately, many identity and access management implementations get bogged down by operational overhead and integration snafus before investments in IAM infrastructure and services can begin to deliver value.


Cyber Sentinel combines product expertise, accumulated insights from multiple implementations, a structured methodology and packaged integration toolkits to compress the time and resources consumed in getting IAM systems up and running. Our approach ensures that customers see an improved time-to-value, and can spend more time focused on how identity and access management can address their enablement and risk mitigation challenges.

Cyber Sentinel maintains toolkits for market-leading IAM tools that allows implementation engineers to quickly select the images that are appropriate for the customer’s requirements and seamlessly deploy them into the development environment – whether on-premise or managed.

Reduced time spent on low-value work, means more time for our consultants to bring their skill and knowledge to bear on your toughest problems. In addition, compressing deployment times translates into the scope to make better use of the most up-to-date versions of IAM technology in the marketplace.