Cyber Sentinel’s proven methodology for aligning technology delivery with business process has helped customers solve and maintain successful identity and access management programs for over 10 years. Through a combination of vendor-agnostic advisory services, deep domain and implementation expertise and flexible managed services capabilities, Cyber Sentinel has pioneered the development of a model that balances business needs, security best practices and operational requirements.

At its heart, identity and access management is a business process issue, not a technology problem. Without a clear understanding of the business, security and operational challenges an organization faces for managing, governing and enabling access to the resources users need, they run the risk of making poor or even disastrous decisions in identity and access management programs.


Plus, any implementation can flounder if IAM leaders aren’t able to drive consensus amongst stakeholders – including IT, information security and application owners – whose support is needed for implementation.

Cyber Sentinel’s methodology and service delivery are designed to deliver a pragmatic roadmap for managing the identity lifecycle based on real-world business and internal requirements. Moving from a set of practical, realistic recommendations based an in-depth review and assessment of the customer’s internal processes, we provide all of the support the business and IT requires to develop strong internal sponsorship and guide them in the selection process of technology vendors.


Leveraging the experience of multiple deployments and extensive product knowledge, Cyber Sentinel brings identity roadmaps to life–providing hands-on implementation services and best practices for effective integration with the systems that organizations rely on for their business processes.

For organizations that look to rely on third-party expertise and resources to keep identity and access management implementations available, updated and secured, Cyber Sentinel’s managed services offering maintains and monitors systems for customers and provides a dedicated dashboard for managing IAM infrastructure.