Making the final decision of what IAM software or technology to implement should be the outcome or a realistic evaluation of how the products perform in your environment – not in one where the odds are stacked in the vendor’s favor.

Consider Cyber Sentinel’s IAM Pilot. This program allows you to see your potential IAM software deployed into your development environment so you and your IAM engineers can see how the technology truly works with your systems. No surprises typically masked in a phony pilot system.


In contrast to the standard Proof of Concept (POC) process that are expensive (consuming time and resources) and involve superfluous “throw away” work, the Cyber Sentinel Pilot provides the opportunity to speed up your IAM technology deployment and a realistic “try before you buy” assessment.

Rather than evaluating a product on the basis of a well-crafted RFP response or the ability of skilled engineers to complete a POC, the Cyber Sentinel Pilot assesses capabilities and operations overhead against a set of high priority use cases – independently of any vendor involvement.

This approach delivers a realistic view of the IAM software/solution’s ability to deliver value to your organization, and puts you in a position to easily transition into a production setting.