Even organizations with dedicated IAM teams struggle to implement and deploy identity and access management technologies effectively, on budget, and on time. Cyber Sentinel leverages both best practices honed on multiple implementations and a set of standardized tools to accelerate the implementation process and minimize integration overhead.

For every engagement, the Cyber Sentinel team leverages in-depth product knowledge, a culture of innovation in our implementation methodology and integration tool sets, and decades of accumulated expertise.

With each successful project, we refine and sharpen our methodology and our toolset to continue to accelerate delivery timelines and reduce risk. Our strong consultative approach allows us to establish a true partnership with our customers so that we can take their unique requirements and constraints into account and shape our delivery approach to maximize the ROI that we deliver for them.

This translates into a high level of knowledge and skill for consultants and benefits you by giving you the confidence that our team is up-to-date on the different aspects of the latest versions of identity management technology in the marketplace.


One of the most time-consuming and resource-intensive elements of an IAM deployment can be the integration process and whether to target applications or the components of the IAM infrastructure. Cyber Sentinel has a mature set of tools and automated processes to minimize the efforts spent on putting the plumbing in place, so customers can start to realize value from identity management functionality in weeks rather than months.

Ultimately, the success of your Build phase will come down to the quality of the team that is chartered with implementing the roadmap you develop. Cyber Sentinel’s laser-focus on identity and access management as well as our attention to our own culture has helped us assemble a deep and skilled team with the right chops and the right attitude to help you successfully deliver your IAM program.